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When Alfred Davis and his son Hans Wildorf started importing Swiss watches to the UK in 1905, they never thought it would become the world’s most The beginning of one of the iconic brands. We can no longer imagine a world without Rolex watches. Of course, Rolex is so popular for a reason. Read on to find out 5 facts about Rolex watches that everyone should know!

TAG Heuer: the young CEO

TAG Heuer has one of the youngest bosses in the watch industry: 25-year-old Frederic Arnault, son of LVMH boss Bernard Arnault, has been ranked # 1 since July 1, 2020. After graduating from the French école Polytechnique in 2014, Arnault began his professional career at Facebook and then moved to the McKinsey consulting firm. He joined TAG Heuer in early 2017, first to pursue the development of the smartwatch field, introduced by Jean-Claude Biver. Arno's “adoptive father” Stefan Bianchi, CEO of TAG Heuer until the end of June 2020, will remain CEO of LVMH Watch Division; However, since July, his responsibility has also extended to the jewelry brands Chaumet and Fred, which are owned by the group and whose managing directors now report to him. In contrast, Bulgari boss Jean-Christophe Babin continues to report directly to Tony Belloni, the managing director of the LVMH Group.

In 2017, the second version appeared and achieved new success: the electronic clock module can be replaced with a mechanical clock module. It is planned to distribute 150,000 copies of Connected Modular 45 and sell them all. The third model of Connected has been put on the market. It is no longer modular, and more delicate and elegant than the previous version. When opening the display, you must carefully check whether it is a mechanical display. Or electronic buy fake luxury watches. The case looks very high-quality, and the dial design is as delicate and delicate as a mechanical watch.

Watch trend 2020: dress watches

Eagle-eyed Chinese watch fans enjoyed watching Bulgue in the "Batman & Superman: Dawn of Justice" movie and participated in social media marketing to announce their location, prompting the checkout brand to confirm that its solution had actually arrived in Gotham City. The traditional watch has a hand-wound movement with an electrical reserve displayed in the barrel drum, in addition to an off-centered silver-plated gold dial, a rose gold motor and a hand-engraved sapphire caseback. It is also available in 18-carat pink gold.
From an earthly perspective, a "complication" is anything that goes beyond standard time and Indian minutes on a watch. This piece is a combination of one of Patek Philippe's signature complications - an ambient clock element that uses a chronograph to display the time in 24 different time zones. As Patek Philippe outlines, the design is based on Patek Philippe's classic wholesale product: the 1415 HU. We think that this view may be more than a conceptual starting point for your 5930G, rather than just a direct inspiration, mainly because the previous model and the new model do not have much in common except that they are both ambient time chronographs.
We imagine that the new product, the Panerai Luminor Daylight, does have its own merits, as it is not only a very useful watch, but also an interesting and original reinterpretation of the Patek Philippe standard of the best replica watches in terms of the whole world time complication. . The luxury fake watch Bulgari Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater is one of the selections listed here because of what it represents in technical watchmaking. As far as we know, it is certainly the thinnest minute repeater that anyone has ever produced. Ever.

The movement outlined by Bvlgari is 3.12 mm thick - looking at it now, this is the last time anyone made a minute repeater movement so thin, and that was Vacheron Constantin, it was in 1941. Vacheron Constantin's Formula 1 watch from 1942 may well have experienced an extremely thin movement, but overall it is not as thin as the Bvlgari. The Bvlgari has a titanium case that is only 6.85mm thick and is water resistant to 30m.

Simple, uncluttered and elegant: a minimalist watch, also known as a dress watch, sets stylish accents and enhances every look - whether for a casual lunch meeting or an elegant business dinner in the evening. Their classic, slim design with no unnecessary "frills" makes them a versatile companion. The crisp lines, discreet indexes and the crisp dial look stylish and will remain trendy in 2020. As far as possible, there are no abnormalities in this watch. Another plus: you can read the time quickly and easily on this watch.

With this Glashütte Original Senator, you are guaranteed to arrive at your next appointment on time and in style. The stainless steel case of this watch has a diameter of 40 millimeters, a medium size that fits well for both regular and heavier wrists. Subtle black indexes, slender Roman numerals and blued filigree hands give this watch an elegant, timeless look.

In 1931, the Rolex copy watches brand introduced one of the most important inventions in watchmaking: the first self-winding movement or Perpetual movement (also a concise marketing term). Rolex is a revolutionary step, because before that, almost only manual rewinders or automatic machines were running poorly.

Rolex upstairs

Rolex is still the king of the watch market today. The accuracy of each watch produced in the Swiss factory is twice that of most competitors. The watch is handmade from high-quality materials. All these materials are produced by Rolex itself, even though the steel is smelted by the brand itself.

Sculptor and Jewelry Technology

Perseus is a masterpiece, one of the brilliant works created by silversmiths for its sponsors. At that time, Peter was Clement VII and Paul III, and Cosimo Mei Cosimo Medici was even the patron of the famous François I. In the wish of the monarch, the famous nymph Fontainebleau is a naked creature with a lewd shape, made of cast iron by the famous Benvenuto Cellini. In this work, like the famous salt shaker also created for François I, the Florentine artist applied jewelry techniques to his sculptures. They are fascinated by the modernity of performances and have the ability to express their love for both classicism and antique characters. The trajectory of Cellini inspired this Swiss brand, which registered the name in the late 1960s, but without any follow-up. It was not until 2005 that Rolex added the replica Cellini watches name to its reimagining of the iconic 1928 model Prince. One shot. Until 2014, Rolex decided to name the Florentine artist a series of unique classic watches, these watches all reflect the brand's aesthetic principles. The twelve watches are all carved from precious materials such as gold and leather, and have high-precision mechanical movements.

Therefore, the production of Rolex watches is very expensive and always guarantees high quality and long service life. This is why the price of a watch will not actually drop for a few years after purchase. In general, the reputation, quality, precision and many man-hours of each watch ensure that Rolex is not overrated at all. Wearing a masterpiece on your wrist must give something back.

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